20W 2.4GHz RF power amplifier for Drone jammer


The 20w 2.4g UAV Jamming Module is a small, efficient, and stable module with easy plugandplay operation. It is suitable for UAV jamming guns or backpackstyle UAV jamming guns.

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2.4GHz is a popular frequency band used in UAVs. The most common uses for 2.4GHz in UAVs are for long–distance control and data communications, as well as for the transmission of video and other data from onboard cameras and sensors. 2.4GHz is also often used for Wi-Fi connections, allowing users to access the internet or to stream video or other data to a computer or smartphone.

A power amplifier for a jammer is an amplifier used to increase the power of a signal, usually for the purpose of interfering with or jamming a wireless communication system. Power amplifiers are used in a variety of different applications, including military and security applications, as well as for jamming cell phone signals, GPS signals, or other wireless signals. Power amplifiers can be used to increase the range and effectiveness of jamming systems.

20W 2.4GHz RF power amplifier for Drone jammer

Important technical parameters

  • Frequency:2400-2483MHz
  • Current:≤1.8A
  • Power supply:21~32V
  • Output:20W 43dbm
  • size:110*38*17mm

Additional features for this 2.4GHz RF power amplifier:

  1.  The power amplifier module has an onboard power management system that prevents sparking when starting up.
  2. The power amplifier module has a lowpower alarm function.
  3. The power amplifier module has an overtemperature alarm function.
  4. The power amplifier module has a standingwave alarm function.



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